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Bonnie Porter - Apr 2001


From: Bonnie Porter
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 9:28 PM
To: Sandi Laufenberg
Subject: Re: My testimony

Dear Sandi;

I am married, with 2 sons, a stepdaughter, and a grand daughter. My husband’s work has recently taken us on the road in which I am finding that the Lord is opening doors for me to impart to others and be a part of birthing teams all over the country.... My youngest son , Christopher lives with us and usually travels with me at the workshops that I do or the ministry opportunities that unveil before me. ...

My testimony begins when I was about 11 years old and first came to know the Lord. However, upon entering my teen years, I fell into rebellion and turned away from the Lord, but the Lord has taken what the enemy meant for harm and turned it around for His glory! Because of the places that I have gone and the things that He has brought me out of, I am able to minister to those that are in bondage to the things that He has brought me through. I rarely give my testimony in it’s fullest because I don’t want the enemy to get any glory for having a hold on my life or what I did when I was out in the world. But, I will say this, when the Lord pulled me out of satan’s grip, He reached down real deep and dug me out of a pit that very few ever come out of. A pit of drug and alcohol addiction, promiscuity, perversion, idolatry, as well as dabbling in the occult. My sister never came out of it, she died at the age of 19, 6 months pregnant. After her death, and the guilt that I carried because of introducing her to the people that she was around and the drugs that held her in bondage, I cried out to the Lord once again. And He began to undo the mess that I had made out of my life. Realizing that I was headed down a road of destruction and death, I turned to the Lord and He started changing my desires for His desires. In the midst of all this, I went through a divorce, raised a son on my own for 3 years during which time I not only came to know the Lord as my Savior, but also the joy that comes with knowing His provision and care. It was in church that I met my husband that I am now blessed with. But I still didn’t have that personal relationship with Him and didn’t get it until 7 years later when I came to a red light in which I could only go one way or the other, left or right....and a song was playing on the radio that said "Who are you going to serve? The world or the Lord? Make your choice this day, whom you will serve. " It was that day, at that crossroads that I came to the spiritual crossroads in my life and decided I was not going back, or straddling the fence any longer, and that not only would He be my savior, but He would be my Lord and the Lord of my life. Since then, so much has happened, and although there are trials that come, He is the rock that I stand on, He is the reason that I am living, He is my purpose in Life and I now live my days as a praise unto Him and His work. When I have nothing else to hold onto, I grab the hem of His garment and hold tight. More recently, He has taken me from ministering and dancing for Him to dancing with Him and sitting at His feet in His presence. Some people think I’m crazy because of the ferverency that I worship the Lord with, but, if they only knew where He saved me from, they would understand that I have much to be thankful for and rejoice over!!!

My burden is for the lost and to see them find the hope that I have found through the Lord Jesus Christ, and to also see them set free to worship Him in all that they do! I know that He not only has called me to my immediate area, but to the nations as well. He started putting a burden in my heart for Africa about a year and a half ago and spoke to my spirit and said He was sending me there. I just didn’t know when or with whom. Although I’ve had other opportunities, they just didn’t feel right or pan out, until this one. And the fact that my son is going is also answered prayer, not only my prayers for that balance in my family obligations, but also to be able to walk in and fulfil the calling upon my life in the mission field. I hope to be able to show His love to the people there as I serve in any way possible, whether that be scrubbing toilets or feeding the hungry. The main thing is the love , His love, that I know I must show. I also desire to see people set free to worship Him with everything they have, total abandonment. whether it be through the dance, the lifting of flags and banners, the tambourine, or prostrate on the floor in His presence at His feet. There are so many that have never experienced what it means to be surrounded by His presence and to feel His love as they bask in it. But the only way to get there to that place, is through worship, and there are many that need to be set free from false teachings and traditions. The Lord has also shown me that I will be going to Russia and China, but I don’t know when. I’m just walking day by day, seeking Him and His direction and trying to be sensitive to the needs of others that He places around me. ....

In His Service,


Bonnie Porter

aka JUDAHprazr

Warriors of Praise

For HIS Glory