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Merry Winger - Missionary

Merry Winger with the team at Logba Tota.
Merry Winger with the team at Logba Tota. (3rd from right)

Author:                Merry Winger
Date Posted:        Aug. 8, 2007 
Date of 
    Testimony:      March, 2001 
My name is Merry Ellen Winger. I have lived in Richland Center (Wisconsin) almost all of my life. ...

I first accepted Christ as my savior when I was 10 years old.  I was attending the Nazarene Church at that time. I started attending the First Assembly of God church before my son John was born.  I received the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues when I was 30 years old.  But I received a new and more powerful infilling of the Holy Spirit one year ago when Pastor Paul Piencikowski came to our church.  It was wonderful!!!  I also received speaking in tongues again but this time it was a new language.  I have been walking on a spiritual high for the Lord since then. The Lord has been changing my life and setting me free of past fears and memories.  I now feel more free in the Lord than I ever did before.  He is a great God!
I feel the Lord leading me to come to Ghana and share my testimony about how the Lord has changed my life.  I am praying that it will help others to accept the Lord and follow Him.

I have never been overseas and I have never flown in an airplane so this is a great adventure for me to be able to share the word of God with the people of Ghana.  We are all His children.  He created every one of us to be just who we are so we can fulfill his purpose.

The Lord released me in February to come to Ghana.  I was praying about it and He seemed to say, “OK, Now is the time. You can go.” I was so excited!  But I did not have the $1400 for the trip.  So I kept praying for the money to come in from other people and sources.  The Lord has me collecting pop cans (empty aluminum cans used for “minerals”) from all my friends, family, and Head Start families.  We turn the cans in to be recycled and we get money for them.  It’s not a lot of money but it is more of an act of obedience for me to do it for the Lord then to receive the money.  Also, this way a lot of different people and churches are involved in supporting the missions trip and God’s work.  The Lord has really been challenging me to be obedient to Him over this last year.  He had me go and pray at my church every night for 2 months and then He had me walking around the block and praying for revival for Richland Center. When it got too cold to walk, the Lord had me take a second job watching 2 special needs boys at night and now I am taking care of my father who just came home from the hospital.  Everything the Lord has asked me to do has been a step closer to Him.  Now it is the trip to Ghana and He is testing my faith for the money.  But the Lord is good! I have received my $1,000 for the ticket and I believe I will have the other $400 I need by June. Praise the Lord.  He is so good to me! I love to sing praises and worship His Holy name.

                 - Merry Winger



Author:      Sandi Laufenberg (Bekoe)
Date:         Aug. 6, 2007

I was looking at my old files from 2001 and look what I found!  This article is taken from some notes I took back then.

Merry Winger went on her first trip to Ghana in June 2001.  Cool thing is that she went back again the next year!  You go, Merry!
Merry was a great team member.  Always smiling, cracking jokes, and always helpful and cooperative.  Merry shared these great testimonies with me on March 4, 2001 - of how the Lord spoke to her to confirm the desire in her heart to go on her first mission trip.

Merry went to an out-of-town Women's Aglow meeting about a week after she felt the Lord telling her she should go to Africa. A minister was praying for her. He said he saw an African tree. He didn’t know anything about her plans for the trip. But he saw many branches and leaves on the tree and how it provided shade in a desolate place. She then told him she was going on a mission trip to Africa and he was surprised!  It was such a confirmation to her!

Sabrina Graham, a traveling evangelist from New Zealand, had visited The Gathering several months before this. The Gathering, b-t-w, is so very dear and fond in our memories...  we had such sweet fellowship with the Lord back then. Sabrina said to Merry as she prayed for her: you think you’re busy now, you’re gonna be really busy. She then said something about Merry being involved with starting a church in the future. Merry felt this was related to the mission trip, finding herself busy raising funds to go... plus, the ministry we were hosted by is CHNM (Christ Harvests the Nations Ministries).  They ~are~ in the business of church planting. 

                        - Sandi
P.s.  Merry, if you read this, please get in touch... Thanks!