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Getting Saved... Is it Real?

by Sandi Sawyerr on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 2:01pm
I got saved on Halloween night, 1976. 15 years old. Why did I give my life & heart to Jesus? Because a Baptist minister witnessed to me & told me how I, a Lutheran, could be born again. I loved Jesus, & wanted to get closer to God - if it was really possible. So I tried the sinner's prayer - and it worked !!! Where did this happen? On a long train ride from Wisconsin to Houston, Texas. I have TRULY been forever changed & impacted by that incident. Getting Saved is a real opportunity & a real experience... everyone should try it ! :-)
All you have to do to be saved is a simple prayer, spoken or silent, like this:
Dear Lord Jesus:
I believe in you. I believe YOU are the son of God, and that you are also one with God.  I believe You died for my sins, too. And I ask you right now - to forgive me for all my sins and COME INTO  MY HEART. 
If you pray that prayer, any time, any place... and if you MEANT IT FROM YOUR HEART, then God will hear your voice, answer you and HE WILL SAVE YOU - you will be saved! Once you pray it - YOU ARE SAVED!
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