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West Africa Mission Trip - Fall 2010

Our Summer Missions trip has been re-scheduled for Sept. 28 to October 19th, 2010.








June 15 to July 15th, 2010 (tentative)  

Joining with Hour of Visitation Ministries  www.Hour-of-Visitation.org

Your trip duration can be from 1 - 4 weeks within those dates.



Almost as nice as staying in a motel here in the States, only difference is you will have to share a bathroom. Food is 3 meals a day, too.



Anyone can come... all are welcome in Africa! If you can smile: you can minister with your smiles. If you can talk to people, you can minister with your friendship.


We will be doing programs in 2 countries in West Africa.  Plans are still be secured.

1.  Freetown, Sierra Leone OR  Liberia

3. Tema, Ghana



Hosted by Endtimes Evangelistic Christian Ministries, Apostle Christian Cole.




Apostle Excel A. Benson, Libera


Hosted by The Christian Alliance, Liberia, in collaboration with the Equipper's Inter-Denominational Outreach Ministries Liberia.  Headed by Apostle Excel A. Benson

Apostle Felix H. Dorwu


Hosted by Abundant Grace Apostolic Church, Apostle Felix H. Dorwu


Plus various rural village outreaches



$2900 for 2 weeks (Includes everything but Visa and Passport. Your airfare is covered from New York) Additional weeks are $300/week.

 Prices vary depending on how many weeks you will stay. 


$1700 (Call or email to find out the deadline for the deposit. You may have a higher trip cost if you miss the deadline.)

Your deposit is 100% refundable in the event we do not go.



A passport and visa are required to enter each county.

For Ghana:

Tourist visa is required for stay up to 30 days (extendable). Requires 1 application form, 4 photos, photocopy of onward/return ticket and yellow fever immunization. Single-entry visa requires $50 fee, multiple-entry $80. Allow 3 working days for processing. Include prepaid envelope for return of passport via certified mail. Departure tax $15 paid at airport.

Download your application here:



For add'l info contact:

Embassy of Ghana

3512 International Dr. NW

Washington DC 20008

202-686-4520 ext. 208




If the trip you want to go on is coming soon, and if you think you even MIGHT want to go, you should go get your passport applied for right away. Usually you can get it at the county clerk office where you live. You also can try your post office.  Cost is about $97.  You should take 2 passport-sized photos with you when you apply.  See the web link below for other requirements. It takes about 10 - 12 weeks for your passport to come back, though you can get one faster (2 - 3 weeks) if you pay additional fees.





For shots, you need YELLOW FEVER and your doctor will probably also want you to you to get hepatitis and typhoid, tho those are not required. It is recommended that you take malaria tablets while there.












 The needs are great in Africa for people like you and me to come.  Africans love Americans very much. They call the whites Obrunees ("Oh-broo-nees"), which means "white person".  I heard that some Africans also call African Americans that.  All you have to do is what you do best---in the Lord. If that means teaching computer- great!  If it means just being a friend, great!  You don't have to be particularly spiritual to be used--as they can put you to work using whatever talents you have. If you feel you don't have much to say, the Lord will take your few words and multiply it to feed the hungry in spirit. No preaching (unless you feel led). You can help with building; evangelism; smiling; handing out tracts, food, clothing; sharing good nutrition and health practices... things like that. The African people gladly receive from Obrunees.  They are full of love for us and each other, and you will also be richly blessed just by their love.

We want to take Bibles and tracts along.  Any translation is fine, but we would prefer lightweight Bibles, if possible, and a few study Bibles would be awesome -- (to help the people study - they don't have nearly as many resources available to them as we do)  -- as are pocket New Testaments good, cuz they are small, thus we can get more per pound.  The students at the schools are very hungry for the Word.  So whenever we can, we want to take groups of 40 or more of the same Bible to give to their library.

Tracts Tracts Tracts... please bring tracts. The people go for the tracts like Americans go for CANDY!!!  But they are so short on tracts, and NEVER have enough. They are so hard to come by there. Each tract passed out will get read over and over by many people... as they are hungry for Christian reading materials!!!  Also we can use Christian magazines as tracts... as long as it has the word of God!  Also, if you can type up the text of tracts in MS Word, or .txt format, and take it along on floppy disk, we can print tracts there.  (We also are building a Tract Library here on SVRmin.net. So, if you can type up even one tract, we will publish it here to be used all over - for anyone anywhere to download and hand out. If you can do this, please e-mail the text file to info AT svrmin DOT net in Word or .rtf, or even .txt.  Thanks!)

Also, school supplies would be great... Clothes are good, too, so we can pass them out (a witnessing tool).  You will only be able to pack one box with your Bibles, tracts, and give-away clothes, and it can't weigh more than 70 pounds.  So keep that in mind, ok?  We will also contact the airlines and see if they will donate room for extra luggage, then we can take more.

" Only one life, 'twill soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last."

Photos can be see at:


(Go there and use:

login: svrguest

password: guest)

There you will see the actual churches and some of the locations where we will be ministering. 

You can also learn more about our contacts at: 





Please pray, PRAY , PRAY! If you are feeling led, but aren’t sure... you might want to get your passport now ~just in case~. We NEED to have a commitment from you at least 60 days before departure - if possible.  

first - Pray!

second - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us or call to get your application packet sent to you. 

Then...  Apply for Passport

  1. Pay Deposit
  2. Get Visa application sent in (with passport and photocopy of ticket or letter showing our trip plans)
  3. Depart for trip 


It is a walk of faith.

Many of us know the money is not in our personal bank accounts, but when God sends you, you don't need your own money, cuz He pays the way... We are called to LAY DOWN OUR LIVES for the cause of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.  "We are called to throw our entire lives away on Jesus." - Rolland Baker, click here to read more on that. Many times, your friends and neighbors, and members of your community will donate towards the trip once they know you are going on a mission trip. We also want to collect health supplies, clothing, tracts and Bibles for the trip. Each person will check in one piece of luggage for his or her personal stuff. The other piece allowed by the airline will be used to pack in the supplies we are taking to Ghana.

We asked at the newspaper, and they gave us free classified ad space due to the mission nature - then used the ad to announce our fundraiser, and asked for donations of items. It worked great, and we raised enough money for me to go last November.