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    Do you feel called to missions work?

    Are you following the PURPOSE that God has given you?

    Your purpose is the road to your destiny. What is the purpose that drives your life? Are you holding back for any reason? For lack of money?

    Many of us know the money is not in our personal bank accounts, but when God sends you, you don't need your own money, cuz He pays the way... So your FIRST STEP is to ask Him and be sure just what His plan and purpose is for you. If  He says "Go." Then put your trust and faith in that fact and make steps to receive His provision.

    We are called to LAY DOWN OUR LIVES for the cause of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.  "We are called to throw our entire lives away on Jesus." - Rolland Baker, click here to read more on that. 

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    One thing that we found the people in Ghana lacked - was reading material. AND ARE THEY EVER HUNGRY FOR IT! There are people who make a living selling 8 month old newspapers shipped in containers from England and the U.S.A. Wow!

    Not only that, but we found that if you throw a tract out the window of a moving van, they race to go and pick it up! I'm told it will be read, re-read, and passed around to others to read.

    It is our hope to help get more tracts to Ghana to share the saving gospel message of Jesus Christ.

    Can You Help Us?

    We need people to type tracts for us and email them to us - hopefully in a Word or .rtf document. We will then get the links to these tracts in front of Africans so they can print them and distribute them over there.


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