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    SVR Ministries (SVR) was founded by Sandi Sawyerr back in 1997.  Currently, Sandi lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband, Apostle John Sawyerr (www.Hour-of-Visitation.org).

    SVR is a subsidiary of Hour-of-Visitation Ministries (HOV).  Hour of Visitation is also known as The Winner's Way, Inc., a non-profit
    501(c)3 organization. (EIN:  83-0351438,  DLN: 17053061015004)

    Above all, the purpose of The Winner’s Way (TWW) and SVR will always be winning souls to Jesus Christ. We endeavor to do this by providing…


    • Faith to the faithless,
    • Hope to the Hopeless, and
    • Love to the Unloved




    • SVR Missions:
    1. Sponsoring mission trips and missionaries
    2. Connecting with 3rd World ministries, finding out their needs, and trying to meet them
    3. Soliciting cast-away computer equipment from businesses as they are replaced by higher technologies, sending them to 3rd World countries, where they are used in Christian training centers and schools for those who can’t afford and do not have access to such.
    4. Encouraging economic development

    • Jesus-Africa.net - www.Jesus-Africa.net   The purpose of Jesus-Africa.net is to help African ministries to have a presence on the Web.
    These are just SOME of the ways we can help!!!

    NOTE: All activities are done in the Name of Jesus Christ, always pointing to our to the real source – Jesus Christ.





    A charitable organization needs cash in order to carry out it’s mission. That is why SVR seeks funding through 2 main streams: (1) Donations, and (2) Businesses which we operate. A minimum of 10% of net profits from SVR’s businesses will be channeled back in to TWW for the purpose of fulfilling TWW’s Mission Statement.

    Our ministry divisions are funded by both of the above “streams".


    SVR is currently operating Ladysword Productions.  This is a computer consulting firm managed by Sandi Sawyerr. Ladysword’s informational materials can be found at:





    SVR Ministries started out in 1997 as Sonshine Valley Ranch, Inc., a Christian summer camp ministry in planning, with a vision to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to children from all economic backgrounds.

    Our first summer of camp in Wisconsin was in 2000. That year,
    Christ Harvests the Nations (CHNM) in Ghana contacted us and offered
    to send workers to help us.

    Though the sending of workers turned out to not be feasible,
    God had other plans. A wonderful friendship developed and Sandi
    ended up travelling for her first visit in Nov. of 2000.

    While there, land was given to SVR, and many aspects of ministry
    visions and hopes were FULFILLED and also MORE LIGHT WAS SHED on
    other aspects. In addition, God seemed to drop a supernatural
    LOVE for Africa in Sandi's heart.

    So she longed to return - and that she did. After 3 weeks in 2000, she
    returned with a team of 7 in June of 2001.


    The 2001 Missions Team setting their 1st steps at Loba Tota.
    The 2001 Missions Team setting their 1st steps at Loba Tota. From top left (clockwise): Seth, our driver, Sandi Sawyerr, __?__, Pastor Felix, April Laufenberg, Barb, __?__, Evelyn, Chief Takyi of Logba, Merry Winger, Rev. James (CHNM), MomAnita Sikes, Bonnie Porter, Chris Porter, __?__


    Just before leaving for Ghana, she heard the call to go and not turn back... After 2-1/2 months, seeing, that more preparation was needed before a longer stay, she returned to finish her degree with hopes in her heart of returning to Africa.

    In March of 2002, she returned again - this time to set up housekeeping right in Tema, Ghana.

    She lived there for 5 months doing "tent-making" - which means she worked as a computer programmer while ministering at Bible Studies and church services on nights and weekends. In late 2002, she returned to the States with the goal of setting up a sound and secure base for SVR to operate from, -- and preparing for the longer stay in Ghana.

    In January of 2003, SVR Ministries joined with The Winner's Way, and come under official 501(c)3 status.

    Since Sandi returned from Ghana in 2002, she has worked full-time in the marketplace - and in her spare time, strives to do all she can to serve the Lord. Thus, she works to fulfill the visions and purposes the Lord has given her - under the name of SVR Ministries.

    In 2009, she joined forces with Apostle John Sawyerr and Hour of Visitation Ministries.

     Currently, Sandi works full-time as a computer programmer, software, web, and mobile application developer with Ladysword Productions .




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