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1   Link   GodTube.com
GodTube.com - a place to watch videos centered on our one and only Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ.
2   Link   Holy Ghost Fire Falls in Sri Lanka
This video is AWESOME!
3   Link   Friendship 2006 Youth Revival
Teens will love this one! I loved it, too! What is "Krunk" ????? (e-mail me if you can help me understand this new word...) -Sandi
4   Link   Artic Fire - Visitation From the Lord
The Holy Spirit visits a small Artic community with a very loud sound of FIRE BURNING AND WIND BLOWING.... check it out!
5   Link   A BrideGroom Has Powerful Holy Ghost Encounter
Right in the middle of their wedding vows, a bridegroom is overcome by the Holy Spirit.