To Those Hungry For Revival

by Sandi Sawyerr on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 at 4:31pm
This is adapted from Roy Field's last meeting of the Outpouring in Manchester England - Nov. 9th, 2009. (CORRECTION ADDED LATER... I think it might have been 2008. sorry for the error. -Sandi)
God is looking for a people that don't care what people say about them. You might offend them on this side, but they will give you a big hug and a thanks on the other side. this is a movement. To the young generation, it is your time. To the former generation: you've had your time, and now it's your time again!

 It doesn't matter what people say, what people do. Is God real or Not? HE IS STILL ~REAL~ !!!! Jesus said, SIGNS AND WONDERS will follow those who believe. SO ALL IT TAKES is for you to grab ahold of the scripture again and tell the Lord - I BELIEVE!!!! And instantly you will change! We are only here for a moment - we are but a vapor. What are we doing for Christ? are we just going to conferences. We've got to take a stand, and it's got to be more radical than it's been. cuz we have not been getting the job done! There's so many concerts, and worship services, we just go thru the motions. we jump we shout and cry out REVIVAL. But then we just go home...and it's completely different. That's why you got to carry what you've got inside- revival - and take it home... and begin to use it. If you don't use it, it will DRY UP! That's why the Bible says you've got to be continually FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT. You can't just read the word all the time, you need to be filled also with God's spirit! If all you do is float around in drunkeness, but no one is getting saved. We have to take the things of the Spirit, and combine them with the Word, and GROW UP. He never came for people that have it all together. Jesus came to the Earth for those that are desparate for Him, who are thirsty for Him. Who say to Him, "Jesus, I am nothing without you. I must decrease so that you can increase." He said, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto myself. So worship leaders that are listening right now... do you want to see your worship services change, do you want to see people hungry? Then stop making it about you. Make it about Jesus. Sing about Jesus. Don't be thinking in your heart, "I hope I get a record deal. I hope somebody recognizes me". All you have to worry about is: Does God recognize you, and is He pleased with your worship. It doesn't matter what people think. And I tell you right now, you will see people come out of the woodwork to come and worship. Because they see the name of Jesus lifted up. He deserves all the glory, and all the honor. Jesus said, "out of your belly..." So put your hand on your belly right now and say, "Out of my belly will FLOW - RIVERS - OF LIVING - WATER." Now say to your belly: "Belly, you are not dead. But I speak to the Spirit of God to rise up and let your river FLOW!" Roy Fields - last night of the outpouring in Manchester England 9 Nov 09.