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What We Do

Sandi Leading Worship at a Home Church in Accra


Sonshine Valley Ranch MISSIONS (SVR Missions) is the part of our ministry that is currently at work in Ghana, West Africa. 


1.    Channel for Donations

2.   Promotion of mission work overseas

3.   Development of  SVR Ghana

4.   "Joseph" Work

5.   Mission trips



 One of the main activities we are involved in is to channel donations to third world countries. 

~Benefits~   It can be very difficult to transfer money to another country.  And the laws of the United States require donations to be given to a bonafied 501(c)3 organization in order for them to be legitimate "tax-deductible" donations.  Therefore, SVR Ministries makes it easy for U.S. donors to get that tax-deduction.   Donations are made payable to "SVR Ministries", mailed to us (address below), and then channelled to the ministry overseas for which they are intended. 

 ~Sending Fees~ Whenever possible, SVR covers the sending fees, too. But at times, this is not possible, therefore the sending fee may come directly from the donation.   Irregardless, no more than the actual sending fee is deducted from the donation when this happens.



It is our goal to provide:

  • Assistance for...
  •  Involvement in...  And....
  • Support for...

.......any and all kinds of mission work overseas.  

 Examples of this work would be to provide free or discounted services such as web site design - web hosting - domain names.  This also includes any other services which we are able to provide.   Also, we want to be open to assist in any ways needed, such as procurement of supplies or equipment and facilitating the shipment of such overseas. 


Driveway entrance to our land at Logba Tota for the SVR Retreat Ctr.
This is the driveway entrance to our land at Logba Tota for the SVR Retreat Ctr. You see here Rev. James Godly, with our taxi cab in the background.

SVR - or Sonshine Valley Ranch - was originally formed to provide a Christian Camping and Retreat Center.  At this time, we are hoping and planning to build a Retreat Center in Ghana. This will also act as a resort to help improve the local economy in Ghana.  The EXCITING PART of this is that we have some land that's been donated to us in the VOLTA REGION of Ghana. It is a beautiful piece of mountain-top rain forest land - with the most majestic views ! 

We hope to develop the land, but see this as a long-range plan. There is so much more to THE VISION. Click here to learn more.


Our "Joseph" Work stems from the story of Joseph in the Bible - and the great work he did in Egypt as head of the country under Pharoah.  Read more...


The Jesus Cares Network is a branch of SVR Ministries.  Read more....

Sandi, the director of SVR, is spending time both in Africa and the U.S., working towards establishing a base in Africa. 

Sandi teaching at CHNM, Tema, Ghana in Nov. of 2000
This is me teaching at CHNM, Tema, Ghana in Nov. of 2000. I am wearing a Ghanaian dress... and teaching about getting deeper and more intimate with the Holy Spirit. -Sandi

While she is in Africa - she works at whatever the Lord brings her way:

* Special music at schools and churches

* Teaching and Preaching

* Street evangelism and street crusades

* Personal one-on-one ministry and counseling

* Helping the poor

* Leading worship at churches

* Sharing American Renewal songs with church worship teams

* And Establishing SVR Ghana (learn more)

 And while doing this - she is a "tentmaker", meaning she raises most of her own support.  She has finished her schooling as a computer programmer - and works doing web design and other things.  Being a tentmaker means she can do more for you for less money - so if you'd like to contribute towards missions, AND have some IT work done for you - please check out the Ladysword Productions website at:



Sandi Leading Worship at a Home Church in Accra