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Priestly Garments 1 - Intro and Part 1A

The Old Testament gives us some "Permanent Laws and Requirements".  God's people were instructed that each of these was a  "permanent law that must be observed from generation to generation."
I have been asking myself, "If the Old Testament says it's Permanent, then does it even go beyond the Old Testament, into the time of OUR NEW COVENANT with God (New Testament times), after the Veil of the Temple was split in two?
Well, I do not claim to have the answer to that question. But one thing I can be certain of, is this -->  Many of the guidelines in the Old Testament are types and shadows of what we need to know TODAY. 
And for good reason.
So, today, I want to look at one of those permanent laws, concerning the clothing of the priests. 
The whole chapter of Exodus 28 gives detailed instructions on the priestly garments.  And note that in Exodus 28:43, it says "These must be worn whenever Aaron and his sons enter the Tabernacle or approach the altar in the Holy Place to perform their priestly duties. Then they will not incur guilt and die. This is a permanent law for Aaron and all his descendants after him."
The Bible tells us clearly, that WE are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood.  There are other scriptures that point to this Spiritual Fact, too.  For, me, as a worshipper, I take this very seriously.  And not just as a worshipper, but as one who seeks to fulfill her calling and destiny - in carrying out God's will that all men will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 
And, I consider us worshippers as to have a special calling similar to the Levitical priests who served in the Temple of the Lord.There was a special group of them whose job it was to be singers and musicians.  That's us!  So let's apply what we learn in the Old Testament about God's design and plan - and what it means for us today. 

The clothing for the priests - "Tunics, sashes, special head coverings that are glorious and beautiful."  The priests, Aaron and his sons, are to wear these garments and then be annointed and ordained and consecrated
There are physical and spiritual applications to all of this.  As you read, please pray for the Holy Spirit to show you all that He wants you to see. And consider these things more deeply than just my own ideas, as there is so very much more, always, to know and learn from the Holy Spirit. 
PART 1 - Sacred Garments 
A.  Glorious and Beautiful - Exodus 28:2
  • NET©28:2 You must make holy garments 1 for your brother Aaron, for glory and for beauty. 2
  • NIV© 28:2 Make sacred garments for your brother Aaron, to give him dignity and honour.
  • NASB© 28:2 "You shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother, for glory and for beauty.
  • ESV© 28:2 And you shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother, for glory and for beauty.
  • NLT© 28:2 Make sacred garments for Aaron that are glorious and beautiful.
  • MSG© 28:2 Make sacred vestments for your brother Aaron to symbolize glory and beauty.
  • BBE© 28:2 And make holy robes for Aaron your brother, so that he may be clothed with glory and honour.
  • NKJV© 28:2 "And you shall make holy garments for Aaron your brother, for glory and for beauty.
  • NRSV© 28:2 You shall make sacred vestments for the glorious adornment of your brother Aaron.
  • KJV© 28:2 And thou shalt make holy garments for Aaron thy brother for glory and for beauty.
1)  Look up the meanings of the below words.  Write out which definitions best apply to the way God gave it to us in His word. And also - how does each word apply to us, serving as priests, today?
    1. "Sacred"
    2. "Holy"
    3. "Glory"
    4. "Glorious"
    5. "Beauty"
    6. "Beautiful"
    7. "Dignity"
    8. "Honor"
2)  Write down your thoughts on how verse 2 applies to us today.  Look at the different translations to get more meaning.