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Helping African Ministries

One of our main activities is to provide support services to African ministries.  
We have been able to provide a needed service by forwarding donations from American donors to Ghanaian ministries.  We can sometimes combine donations and send over a larger amount and thus reduce the sending fees.
In addition, we provide tax-deductible donation receipts to the donors who might need it for their income tax records.  This has been a needed service due to American tax laws. These laws say that unless a donation is sent to an American 501(c)3 connection point, the donors can not legally claim the tax deduction. 
As much as possible, we strive to send the whole donation over to the Ghanaian ministry. It is our goal to only take out any necessary fees such as sending fees or wire transfer fees. 
At times we have been able to use the donation to purchase a laptop for a pastor here in the States. We  then forward the laptop to a missionary headed to Ghana. This traveler can then easily add the laptop to his or her baggage and deliver the laptop to the pastor once landing in Ghana. 
In general, our goal is to be of service to African ministries, providing help whereever needed.