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GHANA Fire Conference REPORT - NOV. 4, 2010

by Sandi Sawyerr on Friday, November 5, 2010 at 9:22am

Location: Accra Ghana

LAST NIGHT'S REPORT (NOV. 4)LAST NIGHT FIRE conf. in Ghana WAS FANTASTIC... A VERY SWEET AND LONG PRESENCE OF THE LORD AND MANY PEOPLE WERE TANGIBLY TOUCHED MIGHTILY BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. A lady was healed of lameness last night and went running with Apostle John around the church!!! Many more signs and wonders :) we have it all on video. Let me know if you'd like a copy.  conferece is so good !!!!We also have a possibility of a church/ministry plant is in a city called Kasua west of Accra, Ghana (about 14 km).  God had a divine appt. for me and Apostle John several weeks ago. I was at the cyber cafe, and a young man tried to be kind. they do that here with a motive of getting something from the white person - like hoping I will help them get to America. and many times they feign interest and affection or friendship.  so I am ever-aware. Apostle John told me not to receive favors from people when I am out, cuz this is one way they try to work their way in to you - with false intentions. Well - what happened is, this young man, Patrick Mensah, was offering me some small help and I refused him. And he was sitting next to me, each of us minding our own business for some time. And some how, we found out we both really love the Lord. He wants to be a pastor. Well - I told him of our ministry and I saw the true light of Jesus shining thru him. So he went and looked at Apostle Sawyerr's website and he had a very strong desire (which I think is from the Holy Spirit) to sit under A. John and be mentored by him.  So once they met, wow, what a great thing God is doing... !  Patrick is able to rally people together and a whole bunch of people are hungry for a strong man of God to come and lead them.  This seems to be a fulfillment of the prophecies and signs that God has given us - that the people are crying out for John to lead them and show them how to FLY SPIRITUALLY.  so it is super amazing! there were 13 people at our first meeting with some of these people in Kasua - and so now we meet again at 11 am your time on Sunday. Patrick's brother is a young fireball for Jesus who is a fantastic worship leader. Thank God that he came to the meetings here last night and the night before. Because I've been sick with a fever and having to work, and had to miss both meetings. I hope to make the meeting tonight - but am still have some fever. but so far, i have a supernatural energy, and can function ok, tho i seem to have a fever still. SO PLEASE PRAY FOR MY HEALING!!! LAST NIGHT WAS FANTASTIC... A VERY SWEET PRESENCE OF THE LORD AND PEOPLE GOT KIND OF LIKE DRUNK, BUT I NEVER SAW THIS KIND OF MANISFESTATION OF GOD'S PRESENCE.  THEY WALK BACKWARDS IN A LARGE CIRCLE, THEN SPIN AROUND IN PLACE, AND THEN FALL DOWN!!! IS GOD DOING A NEW THING ???? ALSO, a lady was healed of lameness last night and went running with Apostle John around the church!!! another man sat and trembled for 10 or 15 minutes after John prayed for him. we have it all on video. So maybe we can send you a copy.  THANKS for your continued prayers !