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School Assistance Program

SVR supports a number of elementary schools in Ghana, West Africa.  It is our goal to provide resources to improve the quality of education. We seek to help schools located in impoverished areas of the country. 

In general, all the schools lack textbooks, workbooks, and other basic supplies (i.e. recordable CD-R's, DVD's) in every subject area, even the basic ones. Therefore, SVR seeks to provide even these basic needs, whenever possible. SVR also focuses to provide cutting edge computer and other technology resources for our students and teachers.  In this way the level of education is greatly increased as students are able to receive a level of learning that is more in sync with modern day technologies. 

TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES:  Besides textbooks, some areas of need are: 

  • Science (i.e. Physics, Chemistry)
    • microscopes and other lab equipment
    • software
  • Videography
    • digital & video cameras
    • editting software
    • televisions, dvd, and video players

COMPUTER EQUIPMENT:  This equipment provides the tools needed to equip these students with the skills they need to succeed, and provides a valuable boost to the economy.  Needed equipment includes any computer equipment, as well as storage media such as recordable CD's and DVD's. 

We fulfill this mission by taking donations of the above items and shipping them to Ghana where they are then distributed to a number of schools both in the cities and in rural areas. We function on a modest budget, therefore we also collect financial donations in order to get this equipment shipped.  For example, one computer system can cost between $40 and $80 to be sent via container to Ghana.  In addition, there are fees that must be paid to get the items cleared once they arrive at the harbour in Ghana. 


  • Spintex Road Orphanage, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Tema New Town Scholarship Program, Wings of Love Foundation
  • Logba Total Schools, Wings of Love Foundation
  • Dveme Rural School Project, Wings of Love Foundation (NOTE: In need of a generator to power equipment)
  • Ga Adangbe Youth Outreach Ctr. Wings of Love Foundation
  • Higher Heights Computer Training Ctr. Wings of Love Foundation

We are always looking for new donors of equipment, resources, and also financial donations to get them shipped. Please contact us for more information.

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