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SVR Lodge and W. Africa Safaris

SVR Lodge and W. Africa Safaris - TOURISM DEVELOPMENT 
We believe that some Christian ministries are called to run and promote business activities to help support the work of God.  This is also an effective strategy in winning souls to Christ.  This is all done in the name of Jesus Christ. And the fruit is:
The Great Room of an African Lodge
    - Creation of Jobs
    - Boost to the rural economies
    - Bringing tourism dollars in to the country and thus pushing poverty out.

SVR Lodge will Feature Scenic Views such as this
SVR Lodge, a Resort and Conference Center
It is our long-range goal to build SVR Lodge on the land given to SVR by the Chief of Logba Tota. \SVR Lodge will be a Christian resort providing eco-safari vacations in Ghana. It is an extension of the vision for Sonshine Valley Ranch Summer Camp, which started in Wisconsin in 2000.
West Africa Safaris
East Africa and South Africa both have BOOMING tourism trade. But why not Ghana?  We have observed luxurious accomodations in Ghana, and also accomodations that are distinctly "West African", with a kind of modern twist. But it seems that Ghanaians believe that if they don't provide modern comfort to their tourists, the tourist won't be happy. 
On the contrary, our research has found something that is lacking in West Africa... What we see in successful East African and South African tour operators is a DIFFERENT ~RUSTIC~ FLAVOR.   This is the Goal of West Africa Safaris. 
A Tent Camp in the Bush, Appealing Adventure for the TouristWest Africa Safaris is a tourism business... But not only that! We offer a special flavor of Africa to our clients. HOW CAN WE DESCRIBE IT? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so please view our photo album. These photos are borrowed from other successful lodges and tour providers in Africa. But you see, this is IT - THIS - is the KEY: OUR ACCOMODATIONS ARE RUSTIC, YET LUXURIOUS. We are of the belief that our clients are seeking:
  • Adventure
  • A Unique, Exotic Ambience
  • A flavor of Africa that resonates Africa ! It can't look like a hotel in Europe, or a hunting lodge in the Colorado Rockies, or a luxury hotel room in Accra... it's got to be - and can only be - the African bush.
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A Lodge Bedroom with EXOTIC Ambience