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A PLEA... What Can You Do to Encourage Unity?

by Sandi Sawyerr on Monday, December 14, 2009


" If we are gonna wait to be perfect to be used by God, then NONE of us are gonna be used. "

Folks we DESPARATELY need to UNIFY in the body of Christ and quit nit-picking and judging, and standing in judgement. I am guilty... and I am learning.

The lack of UNITY in the church is hindering and holding back what God can and will do - WHEN UNITY DOES COME.

Below are my notes on the recently-released video update:

Rick Joyner (founder of Morningstar) on the Todd Bentley Restoration Process



"I really was warned by the Lord... clearly... not to put a timing on this... there's nothing on this in scripture... He can do in one day what we would think would take 1000 years..."

I love what he says about how good people with good information are criticizing them for letting Todd minister too soon, but he says that he (Rick Joyner) is more concerned about God's will and timing on the matter than the what the critics have to say. And he really doesn't care what the critics say.
He says....

"I do believe that we are LIMITING THE POWER OF THE CROSS when we put a time limit on things. I think it's a serious limitation on God and the cross. "

"One of the worse things we can ever do is deny the Lord !" "Peter denied Christ three times!" "Not just one time, 3 times!!!! And look how quickly he was restored to leadership, and not just A leader, but THE leader... "

"Many people in almost every church right now - and MOST OF THEM HAVE ALREADY LEFT THE CHURCH... and are no longer in local church fellowship... mostly because of the guilt and condemnation - they made mistakes - they don't think they're worthy anymore - they dont' think they can be used by God anymore and they're just OUT THERE. But you can't believe the encouragement that comes when people see others that they know still have issues in their life and yet God still uses them. Which one in Scripture didn't have issues in their life, and yet God used them?

Even Peter, after he was restored. He went on to have issues in life ... None of us are perfect. We are ALL in a process of restoration right now.

"I believe in the scriptures there is a different standard for elders and leadership. You being an evangelist DOES NOT make you an elder, and DOES NOT make you a deacon. It's a different matter. We call all be used in evangelism at any time. We can all be used to heal - in any of the gifts... to prophesy... I don't EVER want to quench the spirit when He [God] uses somebody. I see prophets in scripture who had real gifts, but who had SERIOUS character issues. God still used them, used them in a major way! "