Be careful, folks. There is probably a point in time where you could MISS IT, AND WILL HAVE TO SETTLE FOR LESS.  Let me explain.  A FIERY Revelation comes to me today, as I write...


Guess what?  The LORD has a Time of Visitation FOR YOU.  Would you reject it?  Would you dismiss it, cuz it doesn't look like it's from God?  Get this:


In the Old Testament times, Isaiah and Ezekiel did some CRAZY STUFF after GOD TOLD THEM to do it.  

1. EZEKIEL - Obeying what God told him to do - built a model city, and then built seige ramparts against it. Then God told him to lie on his side for 390 days next to it, and then flip over for another 40 days, all while eating nothing but grains cooked over excrement!


2. ISAIAH - Obeying what God told him to do - walked the city streets NAKED for 3-1/2 years !!!!   


If any of our prophets today did any of those things, they would be committed to the psychiatric ward before they could finish it.


And how would we react when we saw such things?


What would you do????  What would I do ????


Stacey Campbell writes*:


"MINDSETS ARE FORMED OUT OF PERSONAL EXPERIENCE - The more I study God's Word and the more I observe my supernatural God moving in different nations and cultures, the more I am convinced that the worldviews or mindsets of most Christians are formed out of personal experience (or lack thereof!), rather than out of biblical understanding.  And because we are finite and God is infinite, the expectations we form from personal experience actually limit our ability to know when God is speaking to us.  In other words, because no prophet in my city has ever walked around naked for three and a half years and because my culture would label such behavior fringe and fanatical, my personal experience would condition me to say, "this cannot be God!"  I would respond this way before talking to the prophet, testing what he has to say or praying to God myself, asking, "Is this You, God?'


"Within Bible stories themselves, believers often react negatively, saying that what God is doing is not of God.  Thomas, for example, responded, "Unless it happens to me, I will not believe that it could possibly be God!" (see John 20:25).  How many of us have responded to the ways of God with similar attitudes?


"Such attitudes place personal experience above biblical precedent.  And the sad result is:  WE MISS OUR DAY OF VISITATION (see Luke 19:44 ***).


"In order to counteract man's tendency toward traditon formed from limited personal experiences, God often uses novel means to communicate eternal truth.  He hates what the traditions of men can do to people (see Matthew 23:15).  We must recognize, of course, that God did give certain traditions (such as wedding traditions, family traditions and special holy days) and without them we are very poor.  And God did not change His mind in the New Testament regarding such traditions.  But God's anger is against those who make void the Word of God by anti-Word traditions, through which people lose sight of the real intent of Scripture.  He is also against those who develop traditions that prohibit the move of the Holy Spirit, and he despises it when people go through the motions but keep their hearts far from Him.  


"This truth was gaphically illustrated to us in our Baptist church at one of our first prayer meetings after the Holy Spirit fell.  God spoke to us strongly about how He feels about the traditions of men.  He told us in no uncertain terms:  'I spoke to you in My Word, and you did not listen.  I brought prophetic people to you, and you did not listen. So now I am speaking to you like this (i.e., strong manifestations and blowing) so that you will do what I am asking you to do!'  We have seen that God often uses ecstatic prophecy to get our attention and to help us become "doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves" (James 1:22 NKJV). "


FOLKS. This is a simple message. I think it's time to repent, and ask the Lord for forgiveness.  You could join us in this prayer:  

"LORD JESUS. I have been one of those who have rejected what you are doing because of my personal view and interpretation - before I have even asked You if it was real.  FORGIVE ME LORD!  I don't want to miss out on all  You have for me!  O God, clean me out - purify me - forgive me... I want to hear and know ALL YOU ARE DOING AND NOT MISINTERPRET IT AND DISREGARD IT!  I choose now to set aside my own MINDSETs, my own EXPERIENCES, my PRIDE That I SURELY MUST BE SO HOLY that I would never miss the real thing.  Lord - I open myself to You - that You might cause your prophets to do the crazy and the radical - in order to show us something.  I want all that You have for me - PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME and let me not miss ANY OF IT. amen. "



* from her book:  STACEY CAMPBELL, "Ecstatic Prophecy", (Grand Rapids, CHOSEN BOOKS, 2008),p. 79-81

*** Luke 19:44 - the scene: Jesus was going to Jerusalem, riding a colt. As He got closer, the people were shouting and singing - praising God and proclaiming Jesus as King!  The Pharisees commanded Jesus to rebuke the people for saying such things.  Jesus replied, "If they kept quiet, the stones along the road would burst into cheers!"  Moving along the road, as He saw Jerusalem - he began to cry - and said -


"If you had only recognized this day & EVERYTHING THAT ~WAS~ GOOD FOR YOU! Then YOU WOULD FIND PEACE - THESE THINGS BELONGED TO YOU. BUT NOW IT IS TOO LATE !!!!    In the days ahead, your enemies are going to bring up their HEAVY ARTILLERY, and surround you - pressing in from every side!  They'll smash you and your babies to the pavement, crushing you and your children within you to the ground! NOT ONE STONE will be left intact.  ALL THIS BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T RECOGNIZE YOUR DAY OF VISITATION !  YOU HAVE REJECTED THE OPPORTUNITY that God offered you. " (Version - Sandi's paraphrase, combining NLT, KJV, and The Message to get fullest meaning. )